einstein"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make life". Let that soak in for a minute. “Be present” – two simple words that will rock your world if you put them to practice. It seems we live our lives in a constant state of distraction. We're constantly multitasking our thoughts and actions, and never truly focus on one thing to completion. We live our lives in little snippets. Most of us tend to be more concerned about ourselves and less on those around us. This is “Distracted Living”.


Technology has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand it has made us more efficient and connected, but on the other hand it is the root cause of distracted living. How did we communicate and engage with one another before cell phones and the Internet or Facebook or Twitter? Cell phones and social media have become the middleware of true human interaction. Let's put an end to distracted living and work on developing true relationships and "real friends" instead of "Facebook friends". Embrace technology, but do so with personal balance. 

I am the poster child for "Distracted Living". I plan to keep this site anonymous, but I ask that you role play as if you're the one writing this. You are me and I am you. This is our story. This is our chance to change the way we live and rediscover our relationships - rediscover life.


- GU